Working from home is challenging.

Actually, I suppose it wouldn’t be challenging if you plan for it, or are used to it. As it happens, I am not working from home, but merely working the remainder of my notice period from home. Seven days down, thirteen to go, with at least two of those in the office to sort out various IT meltdowns.

The difficulty isn’t so much with the work itself – though obviously there are some serious limitations when it comes to internal software issues, and impossibilities when it comes to hardware issues. The difficulty lies in distractions.

If you’re used to your home computer for casually browsing yonder interwebs, gaming and general relaxation, shifting into the worker drone mindset can be incredibly difficult. Admittedly, I’m still not quite there yet. I take frequent breaks for short YouTube clips, Twitter and Facebook updates in addition to the occasional screen break to make a drink, something to eat or just to gaze longingly out the window.

That said, I do still get my tasks done, and I have yet to recklessly resort to playing games while on the clock.

I think if I were actually employed on this sort of basis I would have a work profile on my machine, or even (ideally) a work machine that didn’t have all of the distractions to tempt me away from productivity.

Ah well!


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