I can haz windowz

No, I’m not talking about warez!

I present… my windows:


Also put in a little skylight so I can see how near to daylight is is, since I get kind of impatient in my little wooden box.

I ventured outside and found a creeper, who I subsequently exploded after I let him get too close. Thankfully I had backed off a bit before he did, and I only took a tiny amount of damage; phew. The beach, however, was not so lucky:

creeper hole
That's quite a nasty explosion radius these guys leave when they pop!

After this, I went exploring. I needed more coal for torches, but more importantly I needed to find some cows for leather to make myself some basic armour.

The first day was utterly fruitless. Apart from a lot of sheep and pigs, and a couple of dungeons (which I will not be exploring without proper preparations made beforehand), I managed to find no cows for leather at all. Fail. 😦

The second and third days were a bit better. I got some leather, and a lot of feathers from chickens. I dug up a load of gravel and found some flint. Even though I’ve only got one silk string from a spider so far (I need a bit more to make a bow), I already have a lot of arrows crafted in anticipation of long-range pwnage!

I found a really decent-looking valley. It had a few caves and even an underground waterfall. The only downside to this place is its a good 2-3 minute run from the shack. So I think I should be exploring a bit closer to home until I’m prepared to move. The valley yeilded some iron though, which I smelted into steel.

Is it just me having the munchies, or do they look a bit like Kit Kats?

So, I succeeded in everything apart from the armour, due to a curious lack of bovines. Perhaps tomorrow will be my lucky day!


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