Minecraft day 1

Well, okay it was more than a day in the game, and I’ve been playing casually in a peaceful game mode on and off for two weeks, but nevermind!

I though I’d learned enough by mucking about and had some decent links for information to start a proper game.

The rules were fairly simple for myself. Start a new world/game, and whatever land it dumps me on, I have to work with it. When it loaded and I looked around, it appeared as if the random generator had been a bit unkind.

Minecraft 1
This was sunset on day 3 or so, since I forgot to screenshot when it loaded, sorry!

During my first couple of days I set about making myself a little spawn point shack. This would be the place I could run into and get emergency supplies should I ever get blown up by a creeper or nommed by an spider or something. Its also where I currently hold out when it gets dark so I don’t get molested by pixely undead meanies.

Minecraft 2
Loveshack, it aint.

Its interesting to note that while I have a door, I am curiously lacking any kind of windows. I think this will be my next task – I’ll be able to see easier when when I’m hiding out and want to know when the sun rises and its safe outside. I’ll also be able to see whatever nasties are lurking outside before I bomb through the door into certain death.

I also have some quite nice scenery to explore…

Minecraft 3
Isn't nature amazing!?

So, my task list for the next step:

  1. Make some windows for the spawnpoint shack
  2. Get a stockpile of tools going
  3. Find some iron for better tools!
  4. Make some armour so I don’t injure myself as easily as Claire from Heroes

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