I Can’t Hear Yoooou

The problem with making an underground classic game is that when the popularity of it explodes, your servers will melt.

This is, as far as I can tell, pretty much what has happened to Minecraft.

Remedies have been put in place to rectify this situation by the developer and his web-monkey, but the downside of things as-is is that there is no sound in the game unless you force it to play in ‘offline mode’ which is only ever available when there’s no internet connection. The gameplay is exactly the same. I’m not sure why the sounds are synced from the interwebs in the first place, but I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason for it.

Anyway, I cannot be bothered with all that shenannigens to get it working, so when it stopped making noises earlier today, I decided that was a good time for a break.

I didn’t really make much progress with my shack. I think I’m going to just keep it as an emergency hold-out next to the spawn point as originally intended. I’ve been making vague torchlight paths back to the shack should I find anywhere interesting that I want to get back to after daybreak comes around again.

In fact, during my little resource excursion – something I am planning to do for a while longer before trying to find a decent spot for a proper settlement – I saw this in the distance:

hollow mountain
It's a naturally hollowed out mountain. I can build a house into it. How freaking cool will that be!?

The open side on the left there is facing west, so I will get a really nice view of the sun setting when I’m all done in there. Its going to be awesome I tells ye!

There was another mountain to the right of where I was standing there, and it had a lot of trees on it. I need lots of wood, so I used this as an excuse to get a better look of the surrounding area.

I can happily report that I was not disappointed (huge image btw):

panoramic view
(click to make it bigger, srsly!) As you can see, I have a lot of stuff to go and explore!

The problem, once again, is the distance to the spawn point. This time however I’m willing to take that risk and do it. I’ll stockpile for a while longer then start building my proper home!


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