So the sound came back today. Hooray!

I did a bit more scavenging for materials before the sound came back, just to help stockpile resources before my ‘move’. I also finally gathered enough leather from naughty moos to make myself some armour which is now safely sitting in the crate in the shack for emergencies later on.

To help put my move in perspective a bit, here’s a handy map I made with a nifty cartographic tool!

a map
teh map
  1. This is the humble shack. You’ve seen it before, so its a good frame of reference for scale.
  2. These are my torchlight markers. They were really handy for helping to find my way back when the sun was setting to the shack. Really did not want to get caught out in the dark when I had very little to defend myself with. The number itself is on top of that cool valley I mentioned in a previous entry.
  3. Hollow Mountain. My soon-to-be new home. As you can see its a bit of a trek up there from the shack, so its going to take a while both to build and to move the majority of my stuff up there.
'please sir, may I have some moar?' 'maw!?'

This is the west-facing part. It is as hollowed-out as the south-facing side, but oddly they don’t meet. I think there must be one or two blocks between them at most. Seriously cook stuff for a natural occurring rock formation!

Not much to look at... yet

And here is what I’ve made of it so far. I admit it’s really rough around the edges, but the race was on to make it habitable before nightfall. In fact, as I took this screenshot I could hear a zombie on the other side of the wall. Phew.

I’ll continue on with it as I get small amounts of time. I’m going away over the weekend though so it will be slow going for a bit.


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