A small update, as expected. Just a couple of shots of my progress.

I mean spider wanted to come in my house, and apparently didn’t want me to leave. Bastard didn’t even have the good grace to drop some silk, so I am still bowless. You’ll notice that I have a stack of leather building up nicely for my secondary armour set for when I go adventuring!

External shot of the house-in-progress

Yeah, the outside needs some work. I want to try and get it vaguely symmetrical, but the form of the mountain is more important to me than having a perfectly symmetrical house, otherwise why bother?

As the sun sets...

So this is like a sun lounge or something. It only really works in the afternoon given that the outcropping faces west, but it has awesome sunset views.

Once I have more floors in place I will probably make this a defensive position instead and have the ‘sun lounge’ higher up to admire the view a bit better without trees in the way. 🙂


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