More progress

I have been busy remodelling the first floor of my Hollow Mountain home. I took my own advice and ditched the sun lounge for later on when I get more floors upwards.

Instead I went for a little defensive catwalk if you will, so I can snipe any nasty bastards that try to invade my home liek zombehs and skellies and creepahs oh my~

Of course, there was a flaw in this plan, as I suddenly realised when night crept up again – monsters could just fall onto my walkway from above. Since the current ‘roof’ of my home is not up to the level of the mountain, and its dark on there, enemies can spawn, and if they fall onto the walkway, they could get into the house without any damage taken from the fall. Not good!

So I set about making an aesthetically pleasing solution the following morning (after holing up the gap and cowering like a sissy for the night):

The entry
Isn't it lovely?

It looks a bit like an entrance to a shopping mall, or maybe a really posh, but low-resolution hotel. Hmm.

Anyway, the glass means I can see if anything is on the roof and identify it easily, as well as providing a safe viewing areas to discern where the moon is at in the sky and subsequently how long before I can go out gathering more resources for this large build project.

Here’s what it looks like from indoors, for a little perspective:

First floor
The first floor, looking out to the walkway.

Its symmetrical currently, but it needs some work doing to the walls – dirt walls do not exactly fill me with a sense of security, and cobblestone looks seriously fugly in large areas like that, so I need to bake some more decent stone in the furnaces downstairs to make it all nice, even, and safe!

Which is probably my next project – smoothing out the rough edges of the interior to make it nice and cozy.


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