Sims 3 Legacy Challenge – part 2

Part 1 can be found on this forum thread. This is mostly because I started doing it before I made this blog and I’m too lazy to port it over. If anyone read that thread this is probably going to continue with crossposting like some kind of attention whore.

The rules for the challenge can be found here.

Roger was reborn in my game, this time he’s a heavy sleeper and artistic, which is much better as a random selection tbh. He just recently aged up to a toddler.

Gunther is now living waaaay past his expected 50 years. He’s currently shmoozing with the incredibly wealthy neighbours on Verna’s suggestion that he should be more active and sociable (he is charismatic afterall). Little does he realise that Verna is merely using him to gauge their traits so she can better jump one of them when Gunther finally shuffles off his mortal coil.

I thought this the best use for him really. He has the skills-based lifetime aspiration, and given he turned elderly before he even moved in and only had something silly like 4 points in his highest skill, it was a no go.

Likewise, Verna has just turned full-fledged adult, and due to being a loner, she’s unlikely to achieve her lifetime goal. Instead I will keep her sleeping with anyone that can fund her addiction to hard drugs and expensive entertainment equipment.


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