Hectic Week

This week flew by, which is surprising…

I spent the majority of it being ill. Unfortunately it was one of those annoying head-colds where you get a pounding headache if you so much as glance at an LCD screen, so while I was unable to work, I was also unable to do any fun gaming.

I did manage to get around to watching some TV though. About 75% of the fourth season of 24 in fact.

What the budgens happened to this particular season? The writing is sloppy, some of the new characters are not that convincing, the plot is all over the place and you can guess at stuff that will happen 4-5 episodes down the way and be right. I like to be surprised by plot twists, not be able to guess them right away and then have hints pushed into my face every episode on the off chance I have no brain. Seriously, if I can guess with a head full of mucus, then anyone can guess. Sheesh.

That said, I’ve been told that season 5 is really good, so fingers crossed for whenever I finish this one and get around to watching it.

In other news, this was my last week of work. Finally done with the place. No luck with anything to replace it yet, but honestly, I’m happy now and that’s all that counts – at least in the short term (i.e. ’til the money runs out!). 🙂

Minecraft Stuff

I did (in the less brain-explodey moments) manage to do a bit of digging.

Firstly I went up top. I made a narrow little cavern upwards to reach the top of my mountain home. Mainly to see what I could see:

View from Hollow Mountain
It really is a very pretty area!

Some really nice views this high up. There’s also this solitary giant tree on the mountaintop. There’s no way I’m cutting this beast down:

Big tree
This picture does not do it justice...

In spite of not wanting to disturb the Tree of the Gods, I did want to mine around here. Specifically, I wanted to set up my first proper mineshaft somewhere easily and quickly accessible from my home. Subsequently, I picked a nearby spot for my mining, and dug straight down in 3×3 pattern, with the eventual goal of going from one of the highest points to the lowest possible point; just for added epicness!

Yes, I nicked the X-Light 9000 idea. No, I don’t care. Basically, its a great idea, so it deserves to be nicked by all and sundry. If you don’t know what it is, have a look:

Mine shaft 1
It looks a long way, but that's just from the top of the mountain to ground level.

The idea is that you can quickly see what time of day it is, and during the day itself, light floods the mine shaft, making it perilous for any undead nasties that might be wanting to nom your limbs. Thankfully an undead monster has no brain, and will happily follow you into their flaming death.

This ground-level view is accompanied by a similarly sized corridor into the ground floor of my house, for easy access to a safe refuge should it be needed.

Build station
A building station at one of the levels.

The idea here is to have building stations at various points on the way down, and span out the mine from these locations in the search for rarer ores, caverns and perhaps dungeons. Each has its own workbench, a couple of furnaces and a large chest. Later on, I ideally want to build a centralised storage area, and just use these for temporary material and tool stashes.

So that’s about it for the moment!


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