Trains and Forests

You’ve seen the storage hub. It makes sense to have this as an everything-hub as well: A central point to get to all the other main areas of the map, and then back to stash/craft the goodies.

So that’s what I worked on next. Its taken an arse-load of iron so far, and its nowhere near complete. Good things come to those who wait though, and I made a lil video of the progress to give an idea of what’s done, and what’ s still to do.

Most of it is self-explanatory, but in case its not, B1-4 are the basement levels, F – forest, and D – dig site. Rather than have several big dig sites linked from the hub, i’ll span them out from the first one to save on tracks, since I want the digs to be miles away from my build areas. Dig 1 is named Lindblum, after a city in Final Fantasy IX.

The last part you see is the New Forest, so named because its new (le gasp!). I want to expand it further to the south and double its size. I get enough wood from it as-is, but I think that forests should be biggah.

To the north of it, I am going to have a farm and garden on a hill, which will have springs that form into a water cascade that merges into the moat I have around the forest currently. It’ll be rather spiffy!

Currently I’m taking a break from all the outdoor stuff though and doing some more drift mining on B2. Its not a very interesting thing to talk about now that I’ve described the basics, but I need more resources to make more track… In order to reach my dig site… To get more resources for other stuff. Its a long slog.


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