I’ll start with an interjection.

Its my birthday! In celebration of 28 years of managing not to kill myself, I shall consume and imbibe near-lethal amounts of cake and beer! Huzzah!

But before I do, I’d like to show the location of Lindblum, my primary digging site.

I worked out it’s about 350 blocks or so from the main station, give or take a few. Note the cool skylights through water I added. They were a pain in the arse, but well worth the effort I feel. 🙂

The site is an uneven 33×32 blocks in size, and I have the intention of taking it all the way to bedrock, looting anything I find along the way and pillaging any connecting caves with reckless abandon!

As the movie states, it took me a day to dig the tunnel, then another day to commence excavation to establish a perimeter, and to drift mine down on D2 to get enough iron for the tracks. As it happens, I had enough to begin with, and I now have a few hundred iron bars left over for future projects. This is excellent news for that spawn-point-to-station track I have been dreading.

Since it literally took me hours to dig out the perimeter area, I have an alternate strategy for the excavation overall: I plan to do it in quadrants or something similarly sized. 16×16 or so. This at least is achievable by mere mortals such as myself, and does give a sense of progression over mining for 2 hours only to realise you’ve made it 3-4 blocks down.


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