To the Core (part 1)

Cor blimey, so much digging is hard work. I guess I thought 33×32 wouldn’t be too hard, but its a nightmare. Its also 60 deep. Digging straight down (something you should never do) doesn’t take that long to hit bedrock, but when your eventual haul is going to be roughly 63000 cobblestone (nearly a thousand stone picks!), then its going to take a while. Days in fact.

My initial estimate of quadrants was overly ambitious. I’m currently looking at something closer to 12 dig sections to complete it, working on one per day in small bursts of free time and finishing each section with a massive blitz at the end of the day, before bed.

So I’ll now present the first two days worth of dig-dig-digging!

Mine shaft
Day one, looking up to the sky

I made some lil ledges in case I fall on my way up/down on the ladder. Its saved me a couple of times so far!

Mine shaft
Day 2, looking down into the pit

The second section was one or two blocks smaller than the first, and I think the third is one or two block smaller than the second. It might not seem like much, but that’s 14 stone picks worth (give or take), which has to be about a quarter of an hour of my life back! Woohoo!

…Which I will then spend watching Minecraft videos or this amazingly awesome live stream.

Next report in 2 days time.


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