The Immediate Future

Just say no

I was given a wakeup call yesterday. I can’t really go into details about what it was about, but suffice to say it was something that had been nagging on my mind for a while now.

Having recently become unemployed again, I decided on spending a week just chilling out before starting on the drudgery that is finding a new job. This was a mistake, and luckily, one that I spotted early on.

When you have a lot of free time, its all too easy to fall into negative cycles. They may not be inwardly noticeable as negative, since having fun is a natural part of living rather than merely surviving. What I mean by a negative cycle, is you partake in something that is fun in the short term, and because its fun you do it some more, and so on and so forth until you start (usually quite quickly) forgoing more productive aspects of living. Everything in moderation and all that jazz. But self-moderation is particularly hard when you find yourself irreparably addicted, with something that’s just so easy to pick up, or just so simplistically awesome you can’t put it down.

With this in mind, I’m going to be cutting back on the Minecraft. I’ll still be playing, and I’ll still update my progress on Ye Olde Lindblum, but I won’t be playing anywhere near as much, and so the updates will be a lot slower for Minecraft posts.

In the meantime, if you want “moar Minecraftin’s”, there’s an excellent small community of friendly live streamers who do nothing but play Minecraft for your amusement over at this URL: – I know what you’re thinking; it can’t be fun to watch Minecraft, can it? Really!? I’ll let you decide.


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