To the Core (part 2)

Just a quick update regarding the progression of Lindblum. Cripes this thing takes ages to dig. If you ever need to give yourself a wakeup call that you have no life, do one of these things. You become very very aware of how much free time you have that you should be spending on something productive. As opposed to digging a girt big hole in the ground of a game for no apparent reason.

Mine shaft
Looking up at the end of the digging of the third section.

Next was the hard bit. I sectioned off two large areas in the middle, so that when those are done I know I’m in the home straight. The first one of course is proving to be an absolute bitch, and knowing that the second is a tiny bit larger is somewhat disheartening given I haven’t finished the first yet!

Mine shaft
If TV doesn't make your eyes go square, this certainly will!

That’s enough of that madness (for now).


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