Subway Stations

For a while now I’ve been playing on an SMP server. It has a central city, and then four cardinal cities, each 3,000 blocks from 0,0. I had visited North before when I helped to finish the initial road in that direction, but then I worked on East before the server glitched and I could go no further.

That point was 2,000 blocks from 0,0. At least 1,000 blocks there’s a subway station. Since there’s no warps or portals on the server, there’s direct, straight 3×3 subway tunnels in both directions to each of the 4 cities from central. I stopped next to a little mud shack, that at the time didn’t even have a door, and was simple a hole in the ground (with ladders) with a torch next to it, leading down to the subway stop.

This bugged me for ages. I kept myself distracted from it by working on my little home opposite the previous subway station a thousand blocks back. After a while though, I decided to go and help in East City proper.
East City is styled kind of obviously. Its Asian in design. The buildings all reflect this, and the sheer amount of work that had gone into it, and the concept itself left me completely in awe of the whole area. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks helping there – primarily by decimating entire mountains manually, or with the assistance of Karire (a mod on the server who can use TNT, woohoo!).

Yesterday however, I decided it was time to revisit that little mud shack and improve on it with what I had learned about the target-style for the area while demolishing mountains in East City.

Entrance, heading east
The subway station/gatehouse to East city.

I quite like the on-stilts look, coupled with the use of reeds to cover up its unmentionables.

Up that set of stairs you have a low balcony, and inside the building there’s a crafting bench, as well as the familiar tunnel down to the subway itself.

Looking back to the West
The view looking back to the West.

The upper floor also has a balcony, as well as a double bed and storage chest. The whole thing is quite modest, but represents the gateway to the East. I’ll be adding more decoration to the area itself as time goes on.


As a parting note, I leave you with my mountain-destroying compadre, Karire, complete with halo. 😛



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