Stuff 07/01/14

So today was all about fixing some of the stuff I was working on yesterday. In the end, we decided to use a widgets extension for the panels, and just base all the modular content off that. It needs a decent amount of work on the server-side stuff to be ideal, but its less work than building something from scratch using DataObjects.

I spent the afternoon wrangling with forms – normally not a massive issue, but being ‘smart’, I decided to apply a Bootstrap-forms module to style the forms, except it was using a legacy version of Bootstrap and everything got messy as I tried to extent the functions and hammer it into a latest-Bootstrap-version shaped hole. Funny in a way, since the solution for this one was the complete opposite of the first issue – drop the module entirely, and build the forms from scratch. Funny how these things work out…

I should probably add that the module I was using worked perfectly well, it was just intended for 2.x versions of Bootstrap, not 3.x.

This evening I sorted some more bits for the Qubetubers stuff I mentioned yesterday. Since I can actually post details about that (unlike the above work-related things), this is what the user profiles header looks like atm:

qubetubers user profiles header
Click to see it a bit bigger.

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