This Winter’s Lurgy

Beyond the standards of laziness that people may have come to expect – that is, anyone who happens to stumble into this blog and foolishly follow for some bizarre reason – I am this time citing the common winter lurgy as an excuse for my lack of posts.

Truth be told, it resulted in my lack of pretty much anything. Including work. My bank account weeps.

But, in-keeping with the title: this winter’s lurgy variant/strain seems to linger longer than previous years – a sentiment shared by my doctor, so it’s not just me having a moan. So much in fact, that it is relatively easy to make oneself more ill from common side-effects of readily available ‘cold and flu’ medications. This in turn results in the frustrating choice of either being dizzy as all hell or having your body composed of 60% catarrh instead of the universally approved water.

I am feeling much better now, despite still being rather bunged-up. Hopefully there will be more content soon, as I have a lot of things to post about!


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