One of those weekends, sadly. A million things to do, and pretty much all of them falling by the wayside.

I have a particular issue with one of my VMs completely forgetting its IPv4 address, or even that is has one at all. Manually reconfiguring it doesn’t work, either. Typically, it’s the machine I need to be working on right now, so I have no way to preview any changes.

Its not a standard setup either – it has all sorts of extras on there, such as a Solr indexer, and without an IP to connect to, I’m not able to export the database that the CMS and EAV relies on to work. Much grumping has ensued and is probably one of the main causes of my under-productivity.

I managed to set up some rudimentary farming area – or the start thereof in Minecraft though. Yay me?

Have a picture:

underground minecraft wheat and vegetable farm


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