Winderps 8.1

Unlike the thronging masses of Windows 8 users, I never actually minded the release of Windows 8. Sure, it was obviously designed for touch interfaces, but I found that the Metro tiles gave me an uncluttered desktop and did away with needing to dig around in sub-menus of sub-menus in the old Start menu.

I don’t run a massive variety of applications, and the games I launch, I generally launch from Steam, or a couple of them sat on the desktop, so keeping Metro simple was an easy process after the initial wtf moments of looking for the ‘orb’. Anything not on the tiles I have, are usually a few keystrokes away when Metro auto-searches for applications if you start typing – and unless you have everything in the world installed, its most likely going to be the top result within inputting 2-3.

With this in mind, I wasn’t particularly phased about the launch of 8.1. As far as I was concerned, it fixed a load of ‘problems’ that weren’t really problems (for me). But, the OS kept insisting that I upgrade for free and it’s totally painless and blah blah. So I did.

And it failed. After spending an hour or so downloading the files, and another half an hour applying it, it rolled back to 8.0, with the usual Microsoft-way of thinking – giving me little more than a “something went wrong, we couldn’t do what you wanted” message.

Naturally, the first thing Windows did after the subsequent reboot was to tell me to upgrade, because it’s totally free and blah blah… So I didn’t.

Until yesterday, when I decided it would probably be best from a security standpoint if nothing else.

Rather than use all the downloaded and extracted data that it saved and left on my hard disk last time around, Windows decided it would be best to download it all over again. Except this time it took six hours. I actually forgot it was doing it, since it told me I didn’t need to hang around waiting for it to do its thing:

Do other shit - we'll yell when its done!
Do other shit – we’ll yell when its done!

Perhaps they did let me know and I was away from the computer. All I know is 6 hours later, Windows was reporting (on the shut down menu) that it had an update to apply. Hurrah!

Update applied, and… I still have the option to upgrade. By downloading. AGAIN.

I find it funny, really. Everyone’s mileage will vary due to the nature of PC configurations, but its interesting to note that I had no problem with the version most people hate, and am completely incapable of applying the update that most people are happier with.

This time I’ve set it running while writing this, and just now it’s told me that I need to reboot. Here’s hoping it works!


Crashed and burned, corrupted some files, needed to do a restore and hard drive scan and fix operation before a rollback.



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