Why People May be Pirates

When you stop airing your show on TV, putting it exclusively on your website in order to get more people to play stupid online browser games… Except, you can only watch it online if you are in the US.

Yep, that’s a fairly compelling reason to download something.

I should point out that I’m not averse to paying; either a one-off for a movie rental, or a subscription service for streaming. What they did with Breaking Bad was great – no painfully long delays between US and EU airing times. There was little chance we could get horrific spoilers from pretty much anywhere on the Internet, simply because everyone who wanted to see it when it aired (or near enough) could do so.

But I grow tired of the unnecessary wait of (sometimes) months before the rest of the world gets to see their favourite TV shows. There’s literally no reason in this information age for such a painstakingly long, spoiler-ridden time delay.

Anyway, minor rant over. 🙂


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