GLS Sims 3 Legacy

Nicked straight from a forum thread:


You take a single founding Sim, make them dirt poor and then try and build a successful family over several generations in a rags-to-riches-to-obnoxious-Paris Hilton-offspring style. Usually this is some epic 10 generation thing, but we’re going with three generations, which quite long enough IMO.

Getting Started

  1. In the options, set lifespan to Medium / 50 days.
  2. Create a Founder Sim. Young Adult is recommended, but any age capable of having children is fine. Click the randomise button once to randomise everything. It makes for a far more interesting game…
  3. Move your Founder Sim into either:
    – Riverview: 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive
    – Sunset Valley: 15 Summer Hill Court
    The common thread between these lots is that they are large, empty and cost $14,700. Yes, this means that your Sim will start out living like a hobo…
  4. Go forth and multiply!


  • No cheats.
  • No mods that give you an advantage over other players with that mod. Mods like Awesomemod that don’t confer any gameplay advantages are fine.
  • Aging and story progression must be on.
  • The Legacy Family must always be the active household.
  • Ambrosia or life fruit cannot be eaten.
  • No resurrections.
  • Death flowers cannot be kept in the inventory.
  • You may age sims up via the birthday cake only once the game prompts you with a reminder of their impending birthday, not earlier. You do not have to use the birthday cake to age sims up, you can wait for the game to force the age transition if you wish.
  • No sims/families may ever be merged into the Legacy family. If you wish to add members, this must be done in-game.
  • No new Sims can be created via Create A Sim for the Legacy game.
  • You cannot move house.
  • All traits must be random at each stage of a Sim’s development.

The game starts with the founding sim moving into the lot and ends when the last member of the 3rd generation reaches the status of elder (or unexpected tragedy has otherwise cut things short). At that point, pause and total up your score.


Who scores points?

Family members that still live in the house generate legacy points for scoring. Family members that move out do not count. Only Sims in the household that are part of the bloodline count, i.e. any sim who can trace his or her family tree directly to the founder. Adopted sims and housemates are NOT part of the bloodline. Sims that are moved in are only considered part of the bloodline when they contribute to the birth of the next generation.

Generation points

You get 1 point for each generation born. (So, 3 generations = maximum of 3 points)

Lifetime Wishes

You gain 1 point for every unique lifetime want fulfilled by a family member. Once a specific lifetime wish has been fulfilled by a sim, further sims fulifilling that wish will not earn you a legacy point for doing so. There are 32 unique lifetime wishes in the game, meaning you could theoretically earn a maximum of 32 points in this category.

Aspiration Rewards points

Each family member scores 1 point for every 55,000 aspiration reward points that they accumulate (whether spent on rewards or not). It’s worth keeping a note of these as you go along, as you can’t see them once a character has died.

Estate Points

You score 1 point for each $100,000 in net worth for the legacy house. Net worth is the furnished value as displayed in build mode plus whatever cash the family has.


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